Monday, April 11, 2011

city girl at heart

i love chicago, and i love the friends that i have there!
my spring break ended with a bang.

arrived in chicago in the early afternoon. my gps took me down lakeshore on my way into wrigleyville. i got to drive along lake michigan and through downtown. the view was beautiful! (even though it was rainy and the buildings were hiding behind thick fog...) once i got to wrigleyville i met up with joel and the beautiful dog lola. we took lola on a walk to the dog beach. i watched joel chase lola around and lola dig through a lot of trash. we then went to pick me up with his roomie derek and his friend louis (?).on the table: hummus mania!, a couple of poached eggs or eggs benedict (i don't remember), and some breakfast plate with the name "clown" in it. then we walked back to joel's apartment and hung out until he had to leave for work. then i headed to russo's!

once i got to sarah's, we immediately left to meet up with her friends cayce and laura. we hung out, got ready, and headed to a theater for a mimosa concert. electronic music and hipsters dancing everywhere. great night! sarah and i searched for a cabfora LONG time, and then we gave up and headed back inside to find that the show was ending. we found cayce, and we ended up piling in a cab that was already soon as we saw cayce's apartment we jumped out and ran inside to go to sleep.

woke up on cayce's couch next to her cat Sir. sarah, cayce, and i recapped the night--hilarious. sarah and i then drove back to her apartment, where i showered quickly! her apartment is super cute! then i drove back to wrigleyville and met up with chelseaand marisa. i had not seen marisa since (i think) high school. we had some great catch-up time! the three of us went to the fish bar in lakeview. i got a bowl of lobster bisque, marisa got the lobster roll, and chelsea got the oyster po' boy. we also got an appetizer: ceviche. YUM. then marisa headed home, chelsea went to babysit, and i went back to chelsea's to experience living in an apartment on my own in chicago.
i didn't last long haha sarah drove over to lakeview. we walked around a bit in the BEAUTIFUL weather, and we could see the sun setting between the buildings. YES. we then had dinner at the chicago diner (one of my FAVORITES in chicago!). on the table: avocado tostadas, avocadonnaise cheezeburger, lentil cakes, and a veganvanilla chai milkshake to share. MMM. then sarah dropped me back off at chelsea's. i walked to the closest convenience store, and i bought some gummy lifesavers to eat while watching a movie. i watched 'mean girls' until chelsea got home from babysitting (which she said her mom also watched when she visited and chelsea had to babysit haha). chels and i sat in her living room and chatted, and then we got in our PJs and read in bed.

that is, until parth called around 1230. he was in wrigleyville with some friends, so he stopped by, and we talked for a bit. so good to see him!

chels and i woke up, got ready, and headed to bakin' and eggs for breakfast. if i remember correctly, chelsea said it's in roscoe village. on the table: whole wheat granola pancakes, fall oatmeal, and two cups of coffee.

since the skies were sunny and the temperature was reaching 80 degrees, chelsea and i headed to the beach to go on a walk. we ended up at a dog beach where there were TONS of dogs! so fun! we walked all the way down the beach to the pier and back.
chels then had to meet up with a friend at a coffeehouse called sip, so i met up with joel and his friends. we walked all around lakeview, and then we went on an hour+ walk up lakeshore to the beach. we hung out on the beach and stood in the water and soaked in the sunshine. i had to get going to head back to holland, so joel and i went back to wrigleyville. we said our goodbyes, and i drove out of the city blasting stars on the radio.