Sunday, January 30, 2011

i came to dance dance dance dance

i love to dance!
luckily, i had a lot of opportunities to do so this weekend.

friday night was the women's retreat. we played bunko, ate pizza, talked about friendship and relationships, and danced. a lot.
saturday was winter fantasia. i got all dressed up and headed to the amway grand hotel for a night of dancing! i rode with kelly and caleb, aka my grandparents. thanks for chaperoning you two!
beforehand, we went to ottawa tavern in GR for some appetizers and drinks. get the grasshopper. it's like drinking thin mint girl scout cookies. or a mcdonald's shamrock shake. delicious!
here are some of us girls at the dance:
(thanks lindsay for letting me steal a couple of your pictures!)

in between all of this dancing, i have been working on my resume and cover letters. this week, i am sending out my first round of applications to chicago public schools! wish me luck!

Monday, January 24, 2011

the windy city

this weekend, my friend emma and i drove down to chicago to visit our friend sarah who is doing an internship there for the semester! WOW did we have fun!

we met sarah at her friend eric's house, and she greeted us with hugs and ingredients for vegan black bean burgers. they were so spicy! but so delicious. check out chef chloe's website for the recipe. i also got to try a beer called matilda from the chicago brewery goose island. it was pretty good. sarahthen took us to her favorite vegan bakery, the bleeding heart bakery. we got delicious baked goods! i had a vanilla/orange/blueberry cupcake. yum!

the three of us girls then headed to sarah's dad's house. i'm glad i got to meet him, sarah. he is a funny man! we got ready for the night, then headed to the empty bottle for a concert. we met up with a friend of sarah's, saw a few bands, danced a little, squeezed seven people into a photobooth, and played pool. then our friend parth called us, and we met him at a bar called mad river. this bar played a huge variety of songs (and played their respective music videos), and we danced SO MUCH! gosh it was so much fun.

the next morning emma, sarah, and i woke up and headed to wicker park to eat at earwax cafe, another vegan-friendly place in chicago. i had the best breakfast of the year: a breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese, black beans, veggies, avocado, and salsa. delicious! i recommend you eat there next time you are in chicago! i woke up this morning, and my first thought was that i wanted to eat breakfast there again.

unfortunately, my camera broke on the hulk roller coaster at universal, so i am camera-less for the semester and could not take any pics this weekend. donations and suggestions for a new camera are welcome!

it is amazing how refreshing a good weekend with good friends can be. i am back and ready to take on this semester and student teaching!

edit: turns out i do have a picture from the weekend! i found this on my phone. ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous sarah russo:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

a toast to the new year

new year's eve 2011
the best nye to date!!
i spent the night with my best friends sarah and emma in grand rapids,
and we met up with a few different friends throughout the night.
we went to el rancho, queen's pub, and a bottom40 dance party.
we ended the night with a sleepover!

i can't wait for this year.

my new year's resolutions?
be happy &
manage my money

what are your new year's resolutions?