Sunday, October 9, 2011


Good weekends are hard to end because you get a little taste of what life should be like--all the time.
This weekend, I was able to spend a lot of time with a lot of good friends.

House concert down the street in Grand Rapids. Stationary Travelers played. Some wonderful women were there: Lindsey and her sister, Natalia, and Kaitlin. Wonderful wonderful night.

Grand Rapids Farmers' Market. One of the best I've been to in a while. Bought myself a butternut squash, an onion, and a loaf of bread. MMM. Deep-cleaned my apartment while awaiting the arrival of Sarah Russo and Lauren Gantner! Walked around ArtPrize. Ate at Cinco de Mayo. Had too much Mexican food and some margaritas. Walked around ArtPrize some more. Nap time/Sex and the City time. Woke up. Gertrude and lipstick. Stella's. #hashtags. Mojo's--too many moms dancing everywhere. Best walk home ever. Holding hands with Sarah. GIRLS. HELLO. Mexican food and more movies.

Woke up. Lazy morning. Drove around looking for brunch. Electric Cheetah in the autumn s
unshine. DELICIOUS. Drove to Holland to see Lizzy/Joe/Allison/Paul/lots of other friends. Played board games on the back porch. Impromptu music-playing. Dinner at New Holland with Lizzy and Joe. Now, relaxing on my couch with a movie.

This weekend was truly wonderful. Beautiful weather with beautiful friends. This is how life should be--a little piece of Heaven on Earth.

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